Les Domaines des Bois is a beautifully redesigned area surrounded by nature, a community of friends a great place to call home.

Les Domaines des Bois offers woodlands of 1.5 acres and located in a mature forest in the mountains, the community Les Domaines des Bois include 20 private residences and a common flag (future), with gardens, vegetable gardens , ponds and small paths that already line the forest.

The project's vision is as follows :

  • Co-create with nature a healthy living environment on a human scale, with healthy homes and harmonized with their environment;
  • Create a place where the natural beauty of the forest blends with the creations of men;
  • Aligning our priorities with those of the earth, which we consider to be a full and integral member of the project;
  • Ensure that the coexistence between humans and nature is done with the least possible impact on the mountain, earth, air and water.

Les Domaines des Bois is located in Saint-Denis-de-Brompton, just 20 minutes from Magog and Mont Orford Park, and 15 minutes from Sherbrooke. Accessible from Montreal via Highway or Quebec and Drummondville via highways . Access to work is easy and everything you need is near 20 minutes to the biggest chopping mall in Quebec.

Once at home, you will find nature that awaits you at your doorstep. Les Domaines des Bois have over 40 acres of mature forest in the mountains, ideal for hiking, skiing, or a quiet picnic at dusk. The 40-acre area includes natural areas and trails throughout the community, there are chances that when you go home, you leave your car in the garage and choose to walk instead. Visiting friends, neighbors, stroll to contemplate nature, or just sit near ponds and leave the working day far behind.

You want to explore, make a short trip to an all-new adventure in the mountains of East Canton. Everything you could want is here in Les Domaines des Bois!

Les Domaines des Bois offers you to create the life you've always dreamed with your family and friend in harmony with nature!

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