Come build your dream simply!

« Les Domaines des Bois ». Inspired-contouring, houses are built with the minimum possible impact on the environment. These are human dimensions of buildings that meet the real needs of each.

When the configuration of the location allows the houses can be of type “buried”, which has the effect of minimizing the visual impression, in addition to creating an enveloping sensation inside the place.

The buildings use materials as natural as possible, and aim a form of autonomy and energy efficiency. In addition, the southern slope of the mountain favors the brightness and optimization of passive solar. Depending on the configuration of the houses, green roofs can also be installed to facilitate natural air conditioning.

We can manage all stages of your construction, including site preparation, excavation, foundation and infrastructure of your home. Then, with our expert team, we can see the landscaping to make your project a success, while being simple and carefree. We also offer the flexibility so that you can make yourself some steps, if desired.

Enjoying among other group purchases (materials and labor) and the use of our own workforce, we also seek to reduce construction costs.

Osaly is more than a promoter: our mission is to help you properly frame your project so you can make forward effectively. Whether for self-construction, a coaching service, or a turnkey project, our product and service options to adapt to the market today. Osaly, more than a sponsor, a partner.

Be charmed by the achievements and inspirations of our architects and designers, sound option that will make your home a unique project to your image.

MICRO-LOFT series of Bonneville



The 1000 square feet (16’/24’ x 55’6”) of space is conveniently located on one floor. The attractive layout comprises two...
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Cute house of the Micro-LoftTM Series with 800 sq.ft. of living space (16’x50′) plus a veranda surrounded by solar screens...
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Chïc Shack

Pretty small house with a contemporary flair of 16×50 feet.


The footage of that house is 16×44 and the ceiling in the living area is 9 feet 6 inches.


The footage of that house is 16×57.


The footage of this Micro-Loft is 16×44 and the ceiling in the living area is 9 feet high. We can...
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NATUR series of Bonneville

PUR series of Bonneville

Two-storey series of Bonneville

Bungalows series of Bonneville

Country houses series of Bonneville

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