Properly installed, away from the noise and speed of urban, areas offer residents a return to the sources and the restorative pleasures of life infinitely multiplied.

More and more people leave major cities after their workday or on weekends. Drive a few more kilometers to arrive in their secret haven in the mountains, near a lake or river does not weigh on their schedule, because at the end of the road waiting for the peace, quiet, family life and in nature.

Life today runs fast Business decisions must be made quickly, the meetings are linked to meals. The competition requires an accelerated tempo that can be stimulating, but which one should regularly escape recovering, take away, unwind and enjoy life.

The Lechasseur family opted for the country life, full time, in the coveted area of Eastern Townships in Saint-Denis-de-Brompton evoking tranquility, clean air and scenic views.
This is exactly what the citizens / villagers today are looking to their lifestyle. They talk about their country house with passion and happiness by pointing out how this place, in the heart of nature, allowing them to relax and refuel serenity and silence in front of a lake, a forest or a mountain, and regardless of the season.


For most people, a home outside the city is a gateway to healthy living. Whether you are professional, artist, painter, writer or musician or retired, Nature is generous to provide what you need. Changing colors with the seasons is a feast for the eye.

We always say to visitors when you move into Domaines des Bois, you have an instant sense of community. What does that mean? This means that Les Domaines des Bois welcome new neighbors with open arms.

There are new families moving all the time and there are so many opportunities to get to know your neighbors and participate in the new events, for example:

Summer Fashion Show & BBQ, hunt Easter eggs, Halloween reinvented and Christmas carols are just a few examples. Our TV Show “Lifestyle” will turn into one of our homes every month. The communication opportunities are endless.